Taping & Sports Injuries Workshops

Add to Calendar 11/15/2018 09:00 AM 11/16/2018 05:00 PM Asia/Hong_Hong Parkour Instructor Course This Instructor Course enables a physical education professional to initiate and lead the Parkour For Schools Programme operated by any school. The course can be built on by attending Parkour For Schools Continuing Professional Development (CPD) days, accessing more lesson plans and teaching aids to help you stay updated and provide great content all year round for the students. info@appec.asia

Taping Course Specifications

16 November // 09:00 – 16:00

This will cover taping and strapping skills and will allow PE Teachers, Sports Teachers, and Coaches, to identify the best way to stabilize a joint using the most appropriate taping technique. “Sport with the Young Athlete” will explore the differences between adolescent injuries and adult injuries and review how early diagnosis can help in avoiding life long complications. The course will also cover managing suspected Concussion as a PE, Sports teacher or Coach.

Part 1 (Morning Session)

Sport Taping Workshop (3 hours)

Discover and learn easy taping/strapping skills to stabilize a joint, and to facilitate movement through basic theoretical and practical learning. This session will look at how to stabilize joints and modern methods of rigid taping with strong considerations for the underlying biomechanics.

  • Learn the latest methods of taping key joints
  • Ensure that the taping techniques is “fit for purpose”

The morning session will also look at how teachers can use Active Taping to facilitate movement and how it can make a significant difference to individual, or team athletes, performance. Use of a highly elasticised tape provides variable reloading benefits and can truly change the biomechanics of the body. Active Tape allows for a reload through a full range of motion.

  • Learn the concept of “ActiveTape” and how it can make a profound and positive change to the musculoskeletal system
  • Basic and advanced taping techniques
  • Apply bespoke methods of reload from a general base of mechanics and function.
Part 2 (Afternoon Session)

Injuries and Sport with the Young Athlete (3 hours)

This will give PE Teachers, Sports Teachers, and Coaches a solid base of knowledge in understanding the process of injury, especially with the young athletes while noting that the same injuries in young adults can present quite differently. This session will explore;

  • Why Adolescent are not “mini adults”
  • How early diagnosis can help in avoiding significant life long complications

In the musculoskeletal area, participants will learn about the different kinds of “adolescent-specific” injury types that can be observed (acute fracture, overuse injuries, postural back problems and back pain, anterior knee pain, flat feet, etc.) with the non-indication, as well as ways of managing these, including some theoretical taping skills.

Finally the workshop will cover concussion, a critical area that scientific research notes is still really underestimated. This will cover the process from the moment of the diagnosis until the time when recovery is complete and the athlete is ready to recommence training and participation.


 Callum brings experience from working with elite level athletes in performance environments to severely disabled individuals in public health care, tailoring rehab programs according to patient needs. He uses a combined approach of manual therapy and a structured corrective exercise program to resolve the issues that are giving patients grief.  Ultimately to move more efficiently, effectively and more importantly – pain free!

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