Parkour Generations School Equipment

APPEC has secured a 5% discount for all registered attendees to purchase the unique Parkour for schools equipment. 

You don’t have to do the 2 day Preconference Parkour Certification Course for Educators to access this discount but we would suggest you consider it as part of your investment in bringing this exciting PE option to your students.

The equipment is modular and interchangeable, allowing for endless variation and constantly changing challenges for students. The equipment is portable, easily set up and dismantled by one person due to its patented wheel system, and stacks to be stored in an equipment cupboard or at the side of the training space.

There are three sets of equipment ranging from:

$7900 USD $11900 USD$15600 USD

Prices do not include taxes and shipping. Equipment ships from Germany.

Choosing this option during the registration process simply gives you access to the discount voucher. There is no obligation to purchase the equipment and any such purchase will be directly from Parkour Generations. We will send you a special discount code once you complete the registration process that you can use to purchase the equipment. This discount is available to APPEC participants until 30 November 2018 inclusive.