We are delighted to announce that we have been able to secure two new keynote speakers to replace Ted and Carolyn Temertzoglou who sadly had to withdraw from APPEC 2015 following Ted’s unfortunate accident on the weekend.

Dr. Trisha Leahy, BBS, CEO, Hong Kong Sports Institute, Hong Kong

Keynote: From Physical Literacy to Life Literacy: Harnessing the potential of  sport to empower young people

Research evidence shows that the benefits of participating in organized physical activity reach beyond the physical domain, empowering young people with valuable “life literacy” skills including psychological, emotional and social competencies. However, the documentation of the occurrence of various forms of abuse and violence in sport has challenged our consensus vision of sport as a positive, empowering environment for young people. This has led to a more critical analysis of the sporting environment and its impact on young people. In this presentation I will provide an overview of the latest international developments in addressing the issue of safeguarding young people in sport. I will focus on the need for systemic and individual commitment to ensure that participation in sport is an empowering experience for young people, and physical literacy does indeed transfer into life literacy skills.

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Dr. Aaron Beighle, Associate Professor University of Kentucky, USA

Keynote: Butterflies and Dominoes: Thriving as Physical Educators

The Butterfly Effect and Domino Effect both suggest that little small changes can have a tremendous  impact. Little things matter.  The focus of this presentation will be to first demonstrate how seemingly  trivial, and sometimes forgotten perspectives, can have a tremendous impact on learning and most  importantly, students in physical education. Strategies for thriving in an educational climate that can lure teachers into focusing on trivial issues will be explored.

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Opening Keynote
The opening keynote will now be delivered by Dr. Graham Dodd and we wish to acknowledge and thank Graham for very kindly offering to take up this important role.