Jump Starts

Jump starts are morning exercise activities that make full use of the beautiful natural environment to get your blood pumping and body and mind ready for a day of learning. Many of the sessions have capped numbers so register for the conference early to ensure you get your spot!


A blend of conventional and fundamental strength movements executed in a group environment. Suitable for anyone who has prior experience in the Weights Room.

Country Park Run

Join fellow runners in the beautiful Tai Tam Country Park for a morning trail run. Prospective participants should be comfortable running on trails with inclines & stairs


Enjoy a dawn paddle on beautiful Tai Tam Bay using sit-on top kayaks. A perfect way to start the day! No prior experience required.

Paddle Boards

Get your arms working to begin your day, and soak in the scenic beauty of Tai Tam. An hour on this Jumpstart, and you will be raring to go at APPEC!

Ropes course

Series of outdoor elements made up of wires & poles designed to create unique and challenging problem solving scenarios. Teams work together to negotiate the elements and successfully meet the challenges presented.

Ultimate Frisbee

The perfect blend of leisure and exercise, Ultimate Frisbee has what it takes to give you that morning kick! With acres of space for you to have a ‘throw-around’, you’ll wish this Jumpstart were longer!

ViPR Training

ViPR bridges the gap between movement and strength training. It combines full-body movement with load, enhancing the vitality, performance and reconditioning goals of clients and athletes.


Immerse yourself in an hour of meditation before your day of activity kicks off! Yoga is the perfect fit, when you pair it with the environment surrounding Hong Kong International School.


When is the last time you turned upside down? Tried to cartwheel, roll or stand on your hands? We are packing this forty minute workout with Gymnastics Skills and body conditioning exercises.

Gopher Jump Start

A series of exercise circuits focused on fundamental movement incorporating strength, endurance and agility. Participants will have a chance to get hands on experience with a wide range of Gopher functional fitness equipment and accessories.