Gemma Coles

Founder, Head Over Heels Gymnastics

Gemma Coles lives in Bournemouth with her husband and three children, where she runs a successful recreational Gymnastics Club; Head Over Heels Gymnastics founded in 2000. Gemma was a child that spent most of her time upside down, mad about ‘Gymnastics’ and this enthusiasm has never left her. Gemma is extremely passionate about grassroots gymnastics and loves to teach not only the stars of the future but those less confident. Gemma has taken her 20 years of gymnastics coaching knowledge and passionately created a user-friendly selection of Books DVDs and Apps. She is regularly asked to facilitate workshops and run CPD sessions for Teachers where she takes great pride in sharing her gymnastics passion and knowledge.

Extended Workshop: Bite-size Gymnastics Master Class

Looking to introduce some new ideas to uplift and re-energise your Gymnastics’ lessons? Would you like to be able to break Gymnastics skills down in to bite size activities to make them easier or harder to achieve based on the competency levels of your gymnasts? Need to challenge your pupils, but are unsure of the technical teaching points? Well look no further. This bite-size one and a half hour long Master Class is THE workshop for you! Our goal is for you to walk away the workshop with only one question – which skill will you teach first?

At the end of the workshop you will have an understanding of:

  • Fundamental Gymnastics Shapes and how to incorporate them into engaging games and activities.
  • Hand Apparatus Activities – Bean Bags, Feathers, Hoops etc
  • Gymnastics skills broken down into their component parts and extended to accommodate pupils of all abilities.
  • Vaulting and jumping

Workshop #1: Adapting Fundamental Floor Skills into Pair and Trio Balances

The Fundamental Gymnastics Shapes are the essential core skills for all Gymnastics lessons. In this hour long workshop we will run through an extensive list of floor shapes demonstrating how they can be incorporated into both Pair and Trio Balances. Through working together your students will develop their teamwork skills, build co-operation and trust whilst having lots of fun – as will you in this upbeat and uplifting workshop!

Workshop #2: Insider Knowledge - How To Teach Gymnastics Skills

Gymnastics Skills challenge our pupils to do things that they wouldn’t ordinarily do! These lead to improving their strength, flexibility, speed, balance, coordination, endurance and power. These skills however may appear extremely daunting to teach. Throughout this workshop we will share hints and tips to enable you to confidently teach a wide variety of Gymnastics Skills. Covering the full range of Gymnastics Skills this hour long workshop will be packed full of information. The interactive structure will provide you with the hands on opportunity to understand how the individual skills can be broken down.

JumpStart: Gymnastics Morning Motivate

Start your day by reliving your childhood and turning cartwheels! This body conditioning session based around gymnastics will be something to remember from this conference. When is the last time you turned upside down? Tried to cartwheel, roll or stand on your hands? We are packing this forty minute workout with Gymnastics Skills and body conditioning exercises. We look forward to you joining us at this energising and invigorating morning work-out!