Taping Course Specifications

17 November (09:00 – 16:00)

The course will cover the two main functional types of taping; Active Taping and Rigid Taping. At the end of the course, you will have a theoretical understanding of the two taping techniques as well as hands-on practical experience of applying both types of tape.

The course is ideal for PE teachers, school Athletic Coaches, sports trainers, sports team coaches, and other fitness professionals. The course will give you the knowledge and practical capabilities to allow you to use taping for individual athletes or your teams.

Part 1: Active Taping (3 hours)

If you want to have a full understanding of how taping can make a difference to your individual athlete or team athletes, then you need to learn how to use ActiveTape. A highly elasticised tape which can provide variable reloading benefits, it can truly change the biomechanics of the body. This tape allows for a reload through a full range of motion.

Session Objectives and Summary

  • Learn the concept of ActiveTape and how it can make a profound and positive change to the musculoskeletal system
  • Learn basic and advanced taping techniques
  • Apply bespoke methods of reload from a general base of mechanics and function.

Part 2: Rigid Taping (3 hours)

This session will teach you how to avoid using general basic techniques and instead, adopt a more modern and advanced method of taping with strong consideration for the underlying biomechanics.

Session Objectives and Summary

  • Learn and apply the latest methods of taping key joints.
  • Ensure that the taping techniques is ‘fit for purpose’

Product Discount Benefit

Attendees will receive a roll of active tape as well as 20% discounts of further purchases of all Strapit/Gripit tapes (order form provided) for 6 months following completion of the course.

Workshop Leader: Callum Chia

A true Hong Kong son Callum has taken his Hong Kong Physiotherapy training to the ultimate level of USA professional basketball.  His experience is as wide as it is deep, the New York Knicks have benefited from his skills as have numerous patients being rehabilitated from severe and potentially limiting surgery and injury.  His passion for his craft is evident in his commitment to each and every client, Joint Dynamics are incredibly happy to have him as part of the team. Calum was a member of the core emergency onfield medical support team for the 2017 HK Rugby 7’s. Read more.