APPEC offers a variety of pre-conference activities on Friday 17 November prior to the main conference. Some of these pre-conference activities provide you with certification, so this is the perfect opportunity for you to develop your skill set and to enhance your resume.

Adam Baird

I loved yoga!! Great workshop leader and we all had such a fun day! Very worthwhile PD. So much covered, well paced, engaging and highly informative.

Adam BairdSeoul Foreign School, South Korea

This was my second pre-conference attended at APPEC…..good value both times…totally recommend and feel the day extra day to ask for off from school to be worth it! Jenny was awesome! Her passion to help all ages have a better understanding of self through yoga was evident and extremely motivating to me! 


In this fast paced, hands on workshop PE Teachers will explore tools that improve efficiency, assessment and finally explore the use of social media to become a “connected PE teacher”.

Interested in taking your PhysEd class outside the confines of your school? Or are you interested in supporting systemic change towards sustainable principles & practices? Outward Bound helps you develop leadership and judgement abilities. Be sure to mention these courses to your colleagues at your school who are also involved in outdoor trips.

Learn how to insert yoga movement breaks and activities into your PhysEd class or as part of a coaching program. Gecko Yoga is the first internationally accredited Children’s Yoga Teacher Training school in Hong Kong.

The course will cover the two main functional types of taping; Active Taping and Rigid Taping. At the end of the course, you will have a theoretical understanding of the two taping techniques as well as hands-on practical experience of applying both types of tape.

This one-day course is designed to introduce sports and PE  teachers to the fundamental concepts and training principles of parkour/freerunning for use as part of a physical education class in a managed school setting. It serves as an introduction, and enables a sports teacher to initiate basic elements of parkour/freerunning training within the school environment.