This one-day course is designed to introduce sports and PE  teachers to the fundamental concepts and training principles of parkour/freerunning for use as part of a physical education class in a managed school setting. It serves as an introduction, and enables a sports teacher to initiate basic elements of parkour/freerunning training within the school environment.

The course is built around the principles of Discovery, Challenge and Play. Spotting, use of equipment, and health & safety are concepts taught throughout the course, as well as teaching styles encouraging student-centred learning and process-driven approaches. Participants will engage in physical exercises, sample drills, games and teaching practice. There will also be a discussion of suitable spaces and equipment for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

17 November (09:00 – 16:00)

Price: US$230 including coffee and  lunch

About Parkour & Schools

The UK is the first country in the world to integrate Parkour into the school sports curriculum and Dan and his company, Parkour Generations, have been an integral part of this process. The new UK school sports curriculum calls for the use of a range of key concepts to deepen and broaden young people’s knowledge, skills and understanding. These concepts are all central to the methods and principles of parkour:

  • Competence in whole-body skills
  • Performance through achieving effective outcomes and adapting to tasks
  • Body and Mind combined to respond to any situation

  • Creativity to solve problems,overcome challenges and explore

  • Promotion of a healthy,active lifestyle

Through a combination of multi-purpose drills created to enhance attributes such as proprioception, coordination, dynamism, spatial awareness, balance and functional strength as well as confidence and mental fortitude, parkour brings about a huge transformation in any practitioner. Training benefits include:

  • Increase in motor skills and coordination
  • Increase in fitness and functional strength
  • Increase in agility and balance
  • Heightened spatial awareness both for the self and for others
  • Increase in safety through improved physical control from a young age
  • Playful and communal interaction with peers of both children and parents
  • Increase in social skills,teamwork and leadership abilities
  • Improved physical and mental confidence through challenge and managed risk
  • Great fun for all

About Parkour Generations

Parkour Generations are the world’s first and largest education provider for the dynamic art of movement that is parkour (or Freerunning). Based in the UK, the company works closely with groups ranging from national sporting authorities to primary and secondary schools, local councils, and social inclusion organisations to deliver the best instruction available in the world today.

Workshop Leader: Dan Edwardes

Dan’s journey into movement, training and the mind began around the age of eight years old when he embarked upon a lifelong study of the fighting arts. He started training in parkour in 2002 and was fortunate to meet and learn from many of the French pioneers and added that knowledge and approach to his own experience, creating what is now the global organisation Parkour Generations as well as the National Governing Body, Parkour UK.

Dan travels extensively, helping others find their way in movement, coaching and life, and regularly give keynotes, presentations and workshops with a particular interest in encouraging a holistic approach to modern living through the integration of Man’s primal nature with the increasingly urban environment, and the positive benefits of managing risk and fear.