APPEC School Tour Important Notes for Attendees

This is to confirm your registration for the School & Elite Sports Tour on Friday 13 November 2015.

The tour bus will be departing from the two conference hotels as per the conference schedule.

A few notes for your information:


This will leave on time. If you miss the bus, you can still join the tour but will need to catch up by Taxi at your own expense. If this is the case call Graeme on 9739-4776 to find out where to join the tour.

If you were to take a Taxi to the first school on the tour, these are directions for your driver

(In English)
King George V School,
2 Tin Kwong Rd
Ho Man Tin
Hong Kong

(In Cantonese)


The dress code for the day is casual, but we advise that you take a layered approach as the weather can change a lot at this time of year. Current weather forecast is for 22C to 25C throughout the day.

You will have the opportunity to Bounce at the end of the day on trampolines so depending on your energy level, you may wish to bring some lighter clothes for that activity.

Food and Drink

There will be coffee in the morning followed by the Elite Athlete lunch at HKSI, which will cover all key diet types. After the session at Bounce, drinks and snacks will follow.
We suggest you bring a water bottle to keep you hydrated. There will be opportunities to refill your bottle as the day progresses.

Post Trip

At the end of the Bounce Session the bus will take you back to to the conference hotels.

We hope you are as excited about the trip as we are and look forward to seeing you on the Schools and Elite Sports Tour.

Junk Trip Update

Information for Junk Trip Attendees:

We will be departing from Tai Tam Pier, conveniently located right next to the conference venue, and will then cruise around the Island finishing at Central Pier in Victoria Harbour.

A few notes for your information:

Boarding the Junks

At the end of the first day of the conference (Saturday), you will be asked to assemble at 18:00 at Middle School 5/F Garden – which is the social location – where we will do a quick roll-call. We will then make our way down together to the dock. If you are not at the dock when the Junk is scheduled to leave at around 18:20 the boat will not wait.

There are now two junks and we will be allocating Keynote Speakers and Sponsors to specific junks but otherwise the junks will be boarded by order of arrival at the dock. If you want to be with someone in particular then make sure you stick together. But also consider this as the perfect opportunity to meet new people!


The dress code for the event is casual, but we advise that you take a layered approach as the weather does get cooler in the evening and especially on the open water. Current weather forecast is for 22C to 25C throughout the day.

Food and Drink

There will be beer, wine and soft drinks as well as light snacks onboard the Junk.

Post Junk Trip

At the end of the Junk Trip you can either make your own way back to your hotel by taxi, bus, tram or MTR or perhaps party-on to enjoy HK nightlife. We are sure you will meet others on the Junk Trip who will be up for this.

We hope you are as excited about the trip as we are and look forward to seeing you on the Junk.

Final Note to Attendees

Note: All registered attendees should have received the message below with personalised registration links. Please look for this email, it is possible it arrived in SPAM.

We are just a few days away from the inaugural APPEC 2015 Conference and we are all looking forward to welcoming you to HKIS campus.

Here is important information to help ensure your conference goes smoothly.

Getting to Hong Kong International School

Conference Buses

These will leave from the conference hotels each day and you can find this information on the conference schedule.

Conference delegates who live in Hong Kong, or overseas delegates who are making alternative accommodation arrangements, are welcome to travel on the conference buses.

Bus / Taxi / Car

You can also get to the conference by Taxi or Public Bus. If you are a visitor to Hong Kong then your hotel concierge will be able to assist you with this.

If you are coming by car limited parking will be available on a first come first served basis.

Full details of how to get to HKIS are here at this link.

Very Important. The main conference is being held at the Tai Tam Campus and the best way to come in is through the High School entrance.

Accessing the Campus & Liability Waiver

You must provide details of some form of Photo ID that you can bring to the conference with you. This could be a national ID card, Staff ID card or driving licence for instance.

Remember to bring the same Photo ID document with you to the conference as HKIS is a secure campus.

You must also sign our liability waiver whether or not you intend to take part in any physical activity.

Online Schedule

The online workshop schedule is available here:

The schedule is available on mobile devices. Printed schedules will not be provided and conference participants are expected to access the schedule via their mobile devices.


If you are doing a JumpStart you will be guided to the JumpStart area by student ambassadors from the High School registration area. Please make sure you arrive early to ensure a smooth start to the day! Check the schedule if you need to check start times again. A bag drop zone will be provided for you to leave your day bag.

You can still sign up for some of the JumpStarts by accessing your registration link below.

Changing Your Registration

If you wish to make any changes to your registration you need to login to the registration system with your confirmation number and email address. One or two places are still available for some of the pre-conference events and tickets are still available for the Junk Trip on Saturday evening.

Dietary Requirements

There will be options for vegans and vegetarians; you can ask the catering staff if you have questions. All food is peanut free.

Water Bottle

Water is available across the campus but please remember to bring your own water bottle to ensure you stay hydrated.


Hong Kong can be chilly at this time of year depending on the weather (and the air conditioning!) so we recommend you adopt a layered clothing approach.

If you have registered for a JumpStart activity then make sure you have suitable gear with you. Showers will be available afterwards but you need to bring your own towel and toiletries. Bag storage will be provided while you are working out.

It is also worth noting that some of the workshop sessions have active component so you should also have gear that you can comfortably work out in depending on the sessions you are attending. Movement is encouraged but not compulsory!

If you are going on the Junk Trip on the Saturday evening then have something warm you can wear in case the temperature drops.

Living in HK or Getting to Conference Early?

Join us at a free party and session at Hong Kongs newest trampoline park: BounceHK! Transport provided

Signing up for sessions

There is no pre-registration for any sessions (aside from pre-conferences). You can “star” sessions on the Sched, which we encourage you to do. However, this is not required and does not guarantee your place. If there are workshops you are keen to attend we suggest you arrive early for that session.


No print outs from confirmation emails are required for your registration. When you arrive you will be directed to a registration desk based on surname.

PlayerLayer Gear

All registrants will receive a bag, hat and shirt. We will do our best to provide you the size you provided on the registration form but can’t guarantee sizes. This will be distributed at the Registration Desk.

Group Photo

We have arranged something quite special for the conference Group Photo and this will be taken on Saturday afternoon at around 16:20 after the final keynote for the day and before the social event. It would be fantastic if you could wear your PlayerLayer shirt for this to maximise the visual impact.

Appreciate it if you can ensure you have your PlayerLayer shirt available for this epic event!

Departing Hong Kong – Transport to Airport

There will be a bus direct to the airport from the conference after the closing ceremony on Sunday. You should checkout of your hotel and bring your bag to the conference on Sunday morning where a bag drop area will be available.

Any Questions?

Contact us on if you have any questions and we’ll get right back to you.


21st Century Learning Team

New Keynote Announcements

We are delighted to announce that we have been able to secure two new keynote speakers to replace Ted and Carolyn Temertzoglou who sadly had to withdraw from APPEC 2015 following Ted’s unfortunate accident on the weekend.

Dr. Trisha Leahy, BBS, CEO, Hong Kong Sports Institute, Hong Kong

Keynote: From Physical Literacy to Life Literacy: Harnessing the potential of  sport to empower young people

Research evidence shows that the benefits of participating in organized physical activity reach beyond the physical domain, empowering young people with valuable “life literacy” skills including psychological, emotional and social competencies. However, the documentation of the occurrence of various forms of abuse and violence in sport has challenged our consensus vision of sport as a positive, empowering environment for young people. This has led to a more critical analysis of the sporting environment and its impact on young people. In this presentation I will provide an overview of the latest international developments in addressing the issue of safeguarding young people in sport. I will focus on the need for systemic and individual commitment to ensure that participation in sport is an empowering experience for young people, and physical literacy does indeed transfer into life literacy skills.

[Keynote Speaker Profile]


Dr. Aaron Beighle, Associate Professor University of Kentucky, USA

Keynote: Butterflies and Dominoes: Thriving as Physical Educators

The Butterfly Effect and Domino Effect both suggest that little small changes can have a tremendous  impact. Little things matter.  The focus of this presentation will be to first demonstrate how seemingly  trivial, and sometimes forgotten perspectives, can have a tremendous impact on learning and most  importantly, students in physical education. Strategies for thriving in an educational climate that can lure teachers into focusing on trivial issues will be explored.

[Keynote Speaker Profile]


Opening Keynote
The opening keynote will now be delivered by Dr. Graham Dodd and we wish to acknowledge and thank Graham for very kindly offering to take up this important role.

Ted & Carolyn Temertzoglou – Important Information

We were very sorry to hear that Ted has suffered a serious accident while playing touch football. Carolyn says he is in a stable condition and has been discharged from hospital  but needs to be closely monitored over the days ahead and will not be able to  fly for 4-6 weeks.

We know you will all want to join the committee and 21CLI in  wishing Ted all the very best for a rapid recovery to full fitness. We will really miss not having them at the conference next weekend.

We are now acting on contingency plans to locate alternative keynote speakers through our networks in Hong Kong, Australia, US, Canada, New Zealand and the UK and hope we will be able to fill the gap with suitable replacement keynote speakers  by next weekend. We will keep you updated as and when we have further information.