New Canadian Partner: PHE Canada

At APPEC we are working hard to build bridges to like minded organizations around the world. Our latest partner is PHE Canada the peak non profit association for Physical Education and Health teachers in Canada.

Physical and Health Education Canada

Physical and Health Education Canada (PHE Canada) is the national voice for physical and health educators. PHE Canada advocates for the healthy development of children and youth through the development and delivery of quality physical and health education programming and the establishment of healthy school communities.


By joining PHE Canada, you are displaying your support as we strive to ensure every child has the opportunity to live a healthy and physically active life. In addition to supporting the development, delivery, and advocacy for quality physical and health education programming, members and supporters benefit from exclusive access to physical and health education related information and resources, career development opportunities, and special incentives and savings.

Passport For Life

Passport For Life is a free online physical literacy assessment tool, assessing all dimensions of physical literacy development, which provides teachers with the necessary information to tailor their instructional programming to meet the specific needs, aptitudes, and abilities of their students.

9 Reasons to Attend APPEC

As the school year is just kicking off we wanted to provide a useful resource for our APPEC evangelists use with other PE teachers in their school. If you have heard of the APPEC conference and your colleagues have not consider sharing this presentation at a start of year staff meeting or forward to your principal so he or she can understand the benefits of attending.